The CollectiOnLine STUDIO team is located in Italy.

It consists primarily of two young stylists Simone and Pietro, who, for over twenty years, have designed Men, Ladies and children’s shoes, combining the style of the best Italian tradition with
years of experience.

The main countries that CollectiOnLine STUDIO works with are: Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Russia and other Eastern European countries.

Over the course of the years, we have developed a working practice which allows us to predict the coming season’s trends and offer our customers only those designs, materials and accessories that are most suited to the market and current fashion demands.

Our research for the creation of our collections begins approximately two months before the Lineapelle Milan “leather show”, the global benchmark for footwear and accessories around the world.

We contact and personally visit our customers and the top shops in Europe to compare the bestselling items and gauge feedback from the final buyers.

Before the Milano fair, we always participate in other fashion events such as Anteprima Milano, in which all the new season’s trends are shown.

With the arrival of Lineapelle, we finally have the opportunity to take stock of the concepts and elements of the new collection, carefully selecting the materials and leather to be used, the styles and details to be granted most exposure, and the colors to be emphasized .

Within a constantly changing market and economic reality, it is important to be able to rely on long-serving professionals with a proven track record, who can attend to all your needs and help to further enhance your position in the market.

The numerous projects carried out in recent years with various companies such as: Fornarina, Tokidoki, Sixty Group for the Killah, Sixty and Energy Junior brands, Falc Group for the Naturino brand, Romagnoli junior, the other dimension, GEOX Donna and Junior Group, group Effegi, donna Freemood, ZeroDB, William-Wilson, Momino Junior, Lancio, Anna Dori, Scolaro, Donna Soft, Woortman Group, Imac, Steven Madden, Stonefly, Jackal Milano, etc, etc …

They demonstrate the quality of the work of this dynamic study.

This package contain:

  • Children's Shoes